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[2016-05-28 ]What is called a sanitary valve?
Sanitary valve is used in the pharmaceutical, food and other industries, the health level of the requirements of the use of the valve pipe fittings. General pharmaceutical factory or purchase is used for maintenance and related equipment configuration, th
[2016-05-28 ]What is the stainless steel head and its application?
Stainless steel head of other names: stainless steel straight edge of the side of the side of the head, a barrel body screw, elliptical head, dished head, shallow shaped head, various sizes of head, stainless steel head screw, flat bottomed, hemisphere sh
[2016-05-28 ]Stainless steel elbow have rust spots affect the use of?
The stainless steel elbow has rust points, which indicates that the elbow is not made of pure stainless steel, it is a kind of stainless steel elbow. The rust can be polished after spraying colorless lacquer to do anti rust treatment can be used with fine
[2016-05-28 ]Choose some matters needing attention in stainless steel manhole
Stainless steel manhole, namely sanitary manhole. Stainless steel manhole, stainless steel manhole should first understand the general classification. According to the pressure: stainless steel manhole into atmospheric pressure with manhole manhole, size:

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